Tuesday, April 3, 2012


So I am realizing some things.  One- stick with what you have. If it's not broken, why get rid of it?  This page, my blog, I was thinking of getting rid of it, and starting fresh.  Why?  This blog has my past on it. Who I was, and partially still am.  Obviously, I'm not saying I'm a completely different person, that's not it at all.  I have changed. I'm happier. Trying to be healthier, and need to change my ways of just giving up.  Amazingly enough, that's part of my ocd.  I get into a cycle and it's very difficult for me to break out of it.
With that said, I will go back to my original idea.  Why stop this blog to make myself (and my cousin!) do more work if, say, maybe I'm busy and don't touch this for a week or two.... like I am known to do...  So, with that said, let me now forget this blog, not forget people who may find this interesting, and update this every once in a while.  It's a blog for my life. My passions. My abilities.  Myself.  So enjoy.


Monday, October 10, 2011

Just an update!

Alright. So I have an idea!  Most of my posts will be about what I have found, good or bad.  I try tons of different makeups, and lately, as much as I LOVE my 'name' brands (mac, things in sephora, etc), I am a drugstore-aholic!  It's so bad, but I can't resist. So... what I have planned is simply to just go along with my day to day things.  I pretty much get something new almost seven times a week. So there is no reason for me NOT to post. And with that said, the first real post to be going up this time around will be pretty soon. I'm learning the hardest way right now how important it is to keep yourself organized and ready for anything. So here it goes. I will be planning many things for this idea. It probably will consist of mostly pictures, but I have a good thought about a weekly video. We shall see!  So, look for an update this week, and that will start it all :)

until next time

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And where have you been?

Okay, okay. I pulled a Houdini and did a vanishing act for quite some time. Bad idea? Yes. I miss having this little blog of mine.  But I never truely went away!  I've been doing a lot; switching schools, trying to find myself and what I love. But I have had struggles with that alone. I'll get into details later.  But for now, the question might be, 'why did you come back now?'.  Good question.  I don't know when I will fit this in, but I'm going to do it.  I got a new computer, and hoping to find programs in it that will help make me be a little more creative, and get the blog looking.. pretty. (of course it also helps that I have my cousin aroundt to ask questions!)

So, in the time I've been gone, all those months, I've done a little bit.  I became an adopted mom again!  No, the rat population did not grow in my house. There was a rule... stop the rats, and I could bring my new baby into my life.  Well, sadly, I said okay. The two I have now are the loves of my life anyway.  And to add to that family would upset their balance they have.  I'll have a post on them, seeing as how they have been getting themselves into a lot of trouble lately!!

I would like you to meet Buca!  She's my new puppy.  A rescue.  She spent most of her life living on the streets.  She was a stray that was brought to a high kill shelter in KY.  She was there for 4 days, and then Guardian Angel Rescue took her in, and I found her not long after.  She was brought up, and I got her on Aug. 27.  She's about a year old, and beautiful.  A boarder collie/lab mix. Now, I always said I would never own a lab.  But let me tell you, you can't even tell she has it in her. The fur and webbed feet give it away, but she is complete boarder collie, from the face to the ADD. I'm very particular in the breeds I will own, but her picture just jumped out at me more than any other one I had seen.  It was love at first sight :)
And, if you had seen my old posts, you may know I have a cat.  She hid the first couple weeks.  But it was a month yesterday that I had picked up the pup, and it was only a few days before that Smokey started to come out. Today Buca was in a play stance, and doing little chirp barks at her.  Harmless, but good seeing as how it's play, not attack.  Let me tell you, Buca has some balls to go up to her, seeing how Smokey will probably rip her eyes out if she did ventrue into the cat's bubble.

Buca is obbsessed with my rats. She can watch them for hours unend. The bird she only likes when he freaks out, and the dragon she just realized he was there about a week ago.

Well, enough about that. There will be stories popping up with her, I'm sure. But as for me, I'm quite busy keeping up with Buca, while balancing a new school, work, and STILL some stress over legal things from my accident back in Feb.  But that' life, right? 

So, the main point.  What do I want/expect to do with this blog now?  I would love to get back into makeup. Tell you stories, show pictures, product revies, and such.  But this blog is me.  About my life and what is important to me.  And right now, the animals and school have a hold of my attention.  But the fact that I'm becoming a happier me, I miss being creative. So, therefore, I want to be more into that.  So here, I feel I can let those feeling and thoughts out, giving you, the reader, something to think about.  As for what days will hold what? I have yet to think of that.  But, for me, there will be a pattern. My life needs to come together now if I really ever want it to be.

So thank you, for reading this :)  I hope you will enjoy.

until next time

Thursday, May 26, 2011

think it up thursday

alright guys.  here's my latest post.  i know, i know.  too long a break in between. trust me... i know.  i honestly have lots of new ideas that i have been wearing lately.  but, of course, do i think to take pictures? nope.  so... here is a video.  

my look i am wearing isn't exactly easy to see.  as you will hear.. we were in the woods for a good 2 hours... so by this time.. things weren't as perfect as they could have been (makeup wise). though, not gonna lie, it held up very well! the look i was talking about, and i have on, is actually inspired by this look here.

honestly, it came out almost exactly like this. simple, simple look. just have to work with the colors to pack it on.  i think this is going to be a more regular look. i mean, not every day of course. it's almost summer, and looks need to be colorful. but it was fun, and definitely a sexy look. ...though can't say i was really looking that while working out in the woods. haha

so without further delay, here you go! and enjoy the slip up at the end :)

thanks for all your help, meg!  it was fun, as always!

until next time.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

so what's up, ky?

hey blog! it's me, kylie. i'm sure you don't really remember who i am... yea.. that's my fault. but with this relationship being put on the back burner for just a bit (because we all knew i couldn't leave you alone too long!), other one's have started, and sadly ended.

let's begin with the guy. okay, okay, he really isn't here with me... yet.  he has plans to start something. what he doesn't realize is that his 'in three weeks' plan is making pull one of these :(   i will admit, i have patience and time on my hands. but let's break it down: i can't wait forever just to give you my number! haha  and honestly.. i would say it is the biggest (and best!) compliment, in my opinion, to have my approval. why? i'm probably the pickiest girl you will ever meet.  that goes for shoes, purses, food, i would say family but i don't have a choice on that. haha i kid.  but, with all those also comes guys. it's not a bad thing. but! and i said but, because this one seems to hit many checks on my list. red flag there.. in a good way of course.  so we shall see what happens!

as for the other relationships... my love for makeup has not faltered. i have some new stuff, and loving it! don't worry... there will be a video soon. :)  

annnddd my best friend is back in town! so a huge shout out to her on graduating her undergrad!!!  come to find out she's an avid follower on my page... sweet.  but i can't wait to start our summer tearing up the good ol' CT!

and today, sadly, was the end of another. though, the love didn't pass, her soul left this world and will be watching over from now on.  my baby akito was put down after dealing with a tumor that wouldn't stop growing. she was never in any pain, but it was time.  i have two babies now, and if you look back on posts you can see them. but akito was my smart one. 

she was a pain in the ass to start with though, let me tell you! oh man.  when i first got her she was a tiny little thing! but all she did was bite!  honestly, she was probably one of the prettiest girls i've had, but her attitude was horrible. almost like that song she's a lady that says 'she's attractive but bitter'. i swear she was so ungrateful that i rescued her from the pet store.
but, of course, with my hardcore personality, and lack of fear with animals, she eventually stopped. she was never the cuddly type, but she loved me and giving me kisses.  so r.i.p my lovely. 

so, blog, that's where i have been.  and just the pure fact i'm lazy. yup.  but i will do my best to keep you updated and happy, and to have updates so you, megan, can be happy and see me when you need a 'kylie fill' haha 

until next time

Monday, May 2, 2011

man it up monday

alright! so another monday. i probably mention this everytime, but time is flying!! i have no clue where it is going. all i know is that today was a HORRIBLE day for allergies!  it was so awful! but here are my nails for this week!

i used essie's after sex. it's a beautiful red color. probably one of my favorite reds when put on alone. it has a bit of shimmer to it, but not thick chunks of glitter. so it goes on nice, and comes off nice with no mess. 

the other color is china glaze's black mesh. but how did i put those two colors together. simple!

i put the black on top of course! china glaze, which i'm assuming you guys have seen before?, has come out with this line called 'crackle glaze'. it's pretty cool.  you won't always get the same spots and lines, and it's hard to judge at first how much to put on. if you put too thick a coat, it won't work. but overall, it's pretty simple to use. and if you put the right color underneith it looks awesome! i highly suggest a bright yellow, pink, green, and so on. anything bright! though my red is nice... now that it's spring, time for something bright!

i had bought this polish a good 3 months ago at least. honestly, i thought it was just black nail polish. and, to my surprise, when i got home, it didn't just go on! i thought i had bought bad polish! and i was so mad. .... not gonna lie, it took me a couple of days to actually do that thing we call reading, those small words on the bottle. well, i ended up liking it, and doing it again. :)

so hopefully i can post some pictures this week of the photoshoot i did a few weeks back. and i just did another one this past weekend! so hopefully i can get those pictures soon. because, the person being photographed was yours truly, me!  so i'm excited to see how those turned out.  

until next time

Thursday, April 28, 2011

think it up thursday

alright! so here i am again with another think it up thursday!  and what did i do? i incorporated my look of the day and my april favs!  oh, and it's in a video. :)  so, without me blabbing on, here it is. enjoy!

so what were your favorite products of april?

until next time