Wednesday, May 11, 2011

so what's up, ky?

hey blog! it's me, kylie. i'm sure you don't really remember who i am... yea.. that's my fault. but with this relationship being put on the back burner for just a bit (because we all knew i couldn't leave you alone too long!), other one's have started, and sadly ended.

let's begin with the guy. okay, okay, he really isn't here with me... yet.  he has plans to start something. what he doesn't realize is that his 'in three weeks' plan is making pull one of these :(   i will admit, i have patience and time on my hands. but let's break it down: i can't wait forever just to give you my number! haha  and honestly.. i would say it is the biggest (and best!) compliment, in my opinion, to have my approval. why? i'm probably the pickiest girl you will ever meet.  that goes for shoes, purses, food, i would say family but i don't have a choice on that. haha i kid.  but, with all those also comes guys. it's not a bad thing. but! and i said but, because this one seems to hit many checks on my list. red flag there.. in a good way of course.  so we shall see what happens!

as for the other relationships... my love for makeup has not faltered. i have some new stuff, and loving it! don't worry... there will be a video soon. :)  

annnddd my best friend is back in town! so a huge shout out to her on graduating her undergrad!!!  come to find out she's an avid follower on my page... sweet.  but i can't wait to start our summer tearing up the good ol' CT!

and today, sadly, was the end of another. though, the love didn't pass, her soul left this world and will be watching over from now on.  my baby akito was put down after dealing with a tumor that wouldn't stop growing. she was never in any pain, but it was time.  i have two babies now, and if you look back on posts you can see them. but akito was my smart one. 

she was a pain in the ass to start with though, let me tell you! oh man.  when i first got her she was a tiny little thing! but all she did was bite!  honestly, she was probably one of the prettiest girls i've had, but her attitude was horrible. almost like that song she's a lady that says 'she's attractive but bitter'. i swear she was so ungrateful that i rescued her from the pet store.
but, of course, with my hardcore personality, and lack of fear with animals, she eventually stopped. she was never the cuddly type, but she loved me and giving me kisses.  so r.i.p my lovely. 

so, blog, that's where i have been.  and just the pure fact i'm lazy. yup.  but i will do my best to keep you updated and happy, and to have updates so you, megan, can be happy and see me when you need a 'kylie fill' haha 

until next time

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