alright guys! here we go again with another thursday! i swear time is flying!!  but i did something a bit different this time... a video! i find it's a bit more.. personable? i feel it give that almost face to face... kinda. haha it's just an intro, and i'll work out the kinks and lighting and blah blah for the next one.. hopefully. until then, here you go! enjoy :)

my stuff:
bracelet: it's old, i don't know :(, as well as my pandora
watch: guess
shirt: joyce leslie (as well as the tank tops)
jeans: pac sun

youtube selects the picture for the video still... sorry about that! i hate it.. hopefully it will change.. ah!  aaand.. my room was a mess, but i needed to  bang out the video while no one was home. :)

until next time