Monday, May 2, 2011

man it up monday

alright! so another monday. i probably mention this everytime, but time is flying!! i have no clue where it is going. all i know is that today was a HORRIBLE day for allergies!  it was so awful! but here are my nails for this week!

i used essie's after sex. it's a beautiful red color. probably one of my favorite reds when put on alone. it has a bit of shimmer to it, but not thick chunks of glitter. so it goes on nice, and comes off nice with no mess. 

the other color is china glaze's black mesh. but how did i put those two colors together. simple!

i put the black on top of course! china glaze, which i'm assuming you guys have seen before?, has come out with this line called 'crackle glaze'. it's pretty cool.  you won't always get the same spots and lines, and it's hard to judge at first how much to put on. if you put too thick a coat, it won't work. but overall, it's pretty simple to use. and if you put the right color underneith it looks awesome! i highly suggest a bright yellow, pink, green, and so on. anything bright! though my red is nice... now that it's spring, time for something bright!

i had bought this polish a good 3 months ago at least. honestly, i thought it was just black nail polish. and, to my surprise, when i got home, it didn't just go on! i thought i had bought bad polish! and i was so mad. .... not gonna lie, it took me a couple of days to actually do that thing we call reading, those small words on the bottle. well, i ended up liking it, and doing it again. :)

so hopefully i can post some pictures this week of the photoshoot i did a few weeks back. and i just did another one this past weekend! so hopefully i can get those pictures soon. because, the person being photographed was yours truly, me!  so i'm excited to see how those turned out.  

until next time

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