Thursday, May 26, 2011

think it up thursday

alright guys.  here's my latest post.  i know, i know.  too long a break in between. trust me... i know.  i honestly have lots of new ideas that i have been wearing lately.  but, of course, do i think to take pictures? nope.  so... here is a video.  

my look i am wearing isn't exactly easy to see.  as you will hear.. we were in the woods for a good 2 hours... so by this time.. things weren't as perfect as they could have been (makeup wise). though, not gonna lie, it held up very well! the look i was talking about, and i have on, is actually inspired by this look here.

honestly, it came out almost exactly like this. simple, simple look. just have to work with the colors to pack it on.  i think this is going to be a more regular look. i mean, not every day of course. it's almost summer, and looks need to be colorful. but it was fun, and definitely a sexy look. ...though can't say i was really looking that while working out in the woods. haha

so without further delay, here you go! and enjoy the slip up at the end :)

thanks for all your help, meg!  it was fun, as always!

until next time.

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