Monday, October 10, 2011

Just an update!

Alright. So I have an idea!  Most of my posts will be about what I have found, good or bad.  I try tons of different makeups, and lately, as much as I LOVE my 'name' brands (mac, things in sephora, etc), I am a drugstore-aholic!  It's so bad, but I can't resist. So... what I have planned is simply to just go along with my day to day things.  I pretty much get something new almost seven times a week. So there is no reason for me NOT to post. And with that said, the first real post to be going up this time around will be pretty soon. I'm learning the hardest way right now how important it is to keep yourself organized and ready for anything. So here it goes. I will be planning many things for this idea. It probably will consist of mostly pictures, but I have a good thought about a weekly video. We shall see!  So, look for an update this week, and that will start it all :)

until next time

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