Wednesday, September 28, 2011

And where have you been?

Okay, okay. I pulled a Houdini and did a vanishing act for quite some time. Bad idea? Yes. I miss having this little blog of mine.  But I never truely went away!  I've been doing a lot; switching schools, trying to find myself and what I love. But I have had struggles with that alone. I'll get into details later.  But for now, the question might be, 'why did you come back now?'.  Good question.  I don't know when I will fit this in, but I'm going to do it.  I got a new computer, and hoping to find programs in it that will help make me be a little more creative, and get the blog looking.. pretty. (of course it also helps that I have my cousin aroundt to ask questions!)

So, in the time I've been gone, all those months, I've done a little bit.  I became an adopted mom again!  No, the rat population did not grow in my house. There was a rule... stop the rats, and I could bring my new baby into my life.  Well, sadly, I said okay. The two I have now are the loves of my life anyway.  And to add to that family would upset their balance they have.  I'll have a post on them, seeing as how they have been getting themselves into a lot of trouble lately!!

I would like you to meet Buca!  She's my new puppy.  A rescue.  She spent most of her life living on the streets.  She was a stray that was brought to a high kill shelter in KY.  She was there for 4 days, and then Guardian Angel Rescue took her in, and I found her not long after.  She was brought up, and I got her on Aug. 27.  She's about a year old, and beautiful.  A boarder collie/lab mix. Now, I always said I would never own a lab.  But let me tell you, you can't even tell she has it in her. The fur and webbed feet give it away, but she is complete boarder collie, from the face to the ADD. I'm very particular in the breeds I will own, but her picture just jumped out at me more than any other one I had seen.  It was love at first sight :)
And, if you had seen my old posts, you may know I have a cat.  She hid the first couple weeks.  But it was a month yesterday that I had picked up the pup, and it was only a few days before that Smokey started to come out. Today Buca was in a play stance, and doing little chirp barks at her.  Harmless, but good seeing as how it's play, not attack.  Let me tell you, Buca has some balls to go up to her, seeing how Smokey will probably rip her eyes out if she did ventrue into the cat's bubble.

Buca is obbsessed with my rats. She can watch them for hours unend. The bird she only likes when he freaks out, and the dragon she just realized he was there about a week ago.

Well, enough about that. There will be stories popping up with her, I'm sure. But as for me, I'm quite busy keeping up with Buca, while balancing a new school, work, and STILL some stress over legal things from my accident back in Feb.  But that' life, right? 

So, the main point.  What do I want/expect to do with this blog now?  I would love to get back into makeup. Tell you stories, show pictures, product revies, and such.  But this blog is me.  About my life and what is important to me.  And right now, the animals and school have a hold of my attention.  But the fact that I'm becoming a happier me, I miss being creative. So, therefore, I want to be more into that.  So here, I feel I can let those feeling and thoughts out, giving you, the reader, something to think about.  As for what days will hold what? I have yet to think of that.  But, for me, there will be a pattern. My life needs to come together now if I really ever want it to be.

So thank you, for reading this :)  I hope you will enjoy.

until next time

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