i see beauty in the small things.  or at least i do my best to!  the name is kylie, and i'm currently a student at one of connecticut's state university's. i'm a psychology major, hoping to go into the forensic psychology field. a bit of a deep, dark area for someone who comes from such a light family. but as much as i want to be like the people you see on criminal minds (and i will make sure i am that!) i thrive for my makeup and animals.  and though my animals make my life a bit brighter, a touch of makeup doesn't hurt!  so i hope to share that passion with you through this blog, as well as the other things that happen in between applications. :)

it's kind of hard to describe myself. if in a room full of people and you ask someone in the family where and who i am, they would reply 'just look for the really blonde girl.'  i love being blonde! and even though that is a signature of mine (even though it is helped by my hairdresser/sister who is in the pic with me!), i have a few little helpers that make being with me just a bit more unique.

these three little boogers are to thank for the wonderful stories and lovely nights of waking up at 1 a.m. to put away a baby that has escaped into my bed to snuggle. these three are not the first ones i have had. if they were numbers they would be '5', '6', and '7'. but we shall stick to akito, white baby, and black baby.  i'll have to do a blog on them soon.  my life with rats...i can never go back to not having them.

all in all, i want to share a bit of my color with everyone.  my random life.  some days i just go along with nothing. others, well, i'm thrown in a cyclone.  whether it good or bad, i take it.  it's life. and you have to have fun. so when life throws you lemons, take them, run with them, juggle them, make bug eyes with them.  just don't let anything go to waste.

stay creative. have fun. be random. and throw some color in there.