Tuesday, April 12, 2011

tuesdays with mori

another tuesday already. i swear time is flying by me, and i don't even see it. but, another day means another post. and i'll do this to keep my mind off the fact that it's my birthday. not that that's a bad thing, but i don't want to be 22 yet! i mean, hell, i'm so happy i made it this far, but there are so many things that my 10 year old self would not be proud of. obviously things happen, but it's the things i didn't do, or don't have at this point that i swore i was going to. oh well. i have to make the best out of it.  and enough with sappy ranting, i'll get to the point of the post.  

mori, my handsome cockatiel, has shown me that you should enjoy the little things. and so, i went on a walk with my sister. i go on this path when i run. okay, okay, sometimes it's a short run with long bits of walking in the middle, but it's still exercise. but here are some of the pics we (or maybe i should say aly) took.  it was a beautiful day, but turned grey real fast. i started in a t-shirt, and ended in a sweatshirt. but still, it was beautiful and fun.

 the size... she's an old tree

 i joked with aly, saying this was how my mind looks. a bunch of tangled mess. but there is odd beauty in it.

 my hair kinda matches the leaves. haha

all in all, it was fun, but a long walk.  i mainly wanted a picture of the small stream. it's just so pretty. and before everything comes to live. at a point on the path (which we walked about 2 miles), we could hear the peepers, or frogs, almost like it was a summer night. honestly it's so relaxing to go into nature.  something, i think, we either don't do enough, or take for granted, seeing as how they forests are all too quickly being taken from us.
so, if you have time, take a walk in the woods, park, or even just around your block. if you don't have trees, that's okay! but fresh air can make almost any situation better. it clears your head, and is good for the body, mind, and spirit. and it can't hurt to say that it is proven to improve your mood in about 5 minutes too. :)  so go for a walk if the weather's nice. can't hurt.
until next time.

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