Monday, April 18, 2011

man it up monday

alright! another monday comes and goes. and with that, another color to be shown.

 so this week's color is called hook up by orly.  honestly, i was looking for a good yellow. it's my favorite color! and when i saw this, i figured it was worth a try.
so the color went on well. it was an easy application, and honestly, only really needed one coat. it was a shimmer color, which is fine. but my next goal is to just get a plain yellow polish. this was fun, but deff not one of my favorites. will i wear it again? of course! but it's a gentle color. something to add color to if you have to have it calm... something formal maybe? or just a light color to go to the beach with.  the name is great though. :)  but can't complain about the brand. the color stayed on really well!

until next time

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