Monday, April 11, 2011

man it up monday

alright! so here we go with another (even though last week was skipped..whoops!) man it up monday!  this past week i had a coral-y color on, but i decided to take it off and do another color... leaving that one for a different week. so, this week, was a blue. i don't know why so dark... it was so nice out today! but, it kept calling out for me, so i had to do it.

it's called 'frostbite' by chinaglaze.  there really isn't much to write... i mentioned what i do with my first 'man it up' post. but i'll say it again, just for the heck of it.

 what i always do is (obviously) take off my last color, then file down my nails. for the past few months i have liked my nails on the short side. if i have acrylics, they are always long. but for my real nails i keep them filed down. i don't do any crazy kinds of shapes. just the natural curve.  then i buff them. i find it keeps the polish on longer.  i don't do this step every week. you don't want your nails to get buffed down to nothing but brittle! that wouldn't be good.  i'd say i do that every other to every 3 weeks. 
after that, i put on my base coat. i use the cnd 'stickey'. it keeps the color on longer as well. almost like a makeup primer, but for your nails! then, usually, two coats of the color itself before finishing it off with my (cnd also) top coat.  it's a bit tedious, seeing as there are so many layers, but it only takes a bit.  

as for the application of this color, it's so easy.  this color was perfect when my n.y. giants were playing :).  same color as their jersey(though it may seem lighter in the picture because of the flash =/ ). but it is also just a great color to use. application is super easy, and the second coat doesn't get all gooey and funky.  it dries rather fast, and has the shiny finish vs. the matte finish that my last post had. all in all, it's a color that definitely worth picking up.

until next time.

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