Tuesday, April 5, 2011

tuesdays with mori

to say i have been extremely busy would be a lie. but little things add up! and, to my horror, i wasn't able to do a man it up monday! why? i didn't even have time to paint my nails. and with that said, i have had the same color for a week... and it's chipping. i can't stand looking at them! haha  but, i did have a little time last night to have some fun.

my wonderful cockatiel, mori, is a perfect example that, even with stresses in life, you have to find to sing and just enjoy what's around you.  so, for this post, i'll show what my nights are like with the ratties. yes, an odd animal to have, but, though small, they have a huge impact on my life. so, even though most don't take a liking for them, i can't help but have lotsss of stories about them.  and here are some pics to show the fun we had playing last night!

 well hello, akito!

 Come play!

 oh, 'kito! don't be bashful.
 oh hey ther', white baby! didn't realize this was hide 'n seek!

oh, there you are black baby!

 this picture won't turn :(  but she is deff not camera shy!
and this was the hint it was time for bed. :)

and as always.. until next time.

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