Thursday, April 7, 2011

think it up thursday

and here we go again!  and yet... i still have not learned my lesson because here i am posting this after the day is done. oh well! 

i don't have a picture of today's inspiration. honestly, it was based on the weather. the day started off gloomy and grey. so, with that, i took the idea and went with a grey smoked out look, with a little bit of a cat eye to it. it wasn't too dark, but it matched the sky pretty well. haha

 and there we go again with the picture thing. did i get my sister to take them with her good camera? nope. =P  but that will happen eventually.  but i did wear it around all day, and it stayed pretty well. i do recommend having a very good base (that doesn't crease!!) when wearing dark colors like this.  and because i didn't use black, or darker than a grey, it wasn't 'overdoing it' or looking too dramatic. i actually wore this look with my glasses on today. and i'm very picky with my makeup when i have to wear my glasses!
but all in all, it's a little more work than my everyday look, but still easy. hey, who knows, if anyone suggests it, i am more than willing to do a tutorial, video style.  and i'm feeling a look for next week that was from the CMA's.  don't know yet, but i have it in mind! haha

until next time


  1. ooh! i love this look! i think i need to go shopping for new eye shadows haha

  2. Love this, so pretty! Love the blog too!