Thursday, March 31, 2011

think it up thursday

alright guys! it's another thursday, and that means that i had to come up with some inspiration for another look.  last week was a simple pink and white. today's is a bit darker, but not crazy (i still have to go out today!). and even though i would wear crazy makeup out, it just wasn't one of those days. but, my inspiration was having a ball singing to me all day.

so this is Mori. he's my cockatiel, and he's about 8 1/2 years old. not too shabby!  but he has beautiful coloring to him. and let me tell you, he's a royal pain in the butt! but, i love him non the less. i will have a day where i do his grey, yellow, orange, and white, but today was a bit darker.

 alright, so by now i have figured out i can't take a dang picture of myself. but i'll deal with what i can do. this one was more for the bottom lash line.  there is a pop of yellow in there to match mori's crest color.
 it's a smoked out look.  'smokey' eyes don't involve just black! any color can be used. in this case, it happened to be grey. there is a touch of yellow to offset the grey, and blend it into the white, lighter color in the corner of the eye.
i had used a pink blush to match his bright cheeks, as well as used an orangey color lip, with a pink gloss. apparently the camera doesn't want to catch those colors. 

alright, so next time, i'm going to try and get my sister's really nice camera to see if you can see all the colors used, better. but this look is sooo simple.and, honestly, can be used with virtually any color. but, apparently, my animals are going to play with my inspiration for a bit.
and along with this, you can expect to see my monthly favorites coming up real soon! i think those kinds of videos come standard with makeup channels :P
until next time!

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