Tuesday, April 19, 2011

what's in your makeup case contest

alright! so scenic glory is holding a makeup giveaway. ... what other words did there need to be in that sentence to catch my attention?  the person with the most votes wins an urban decay palette. not gonna lie, that's really exciting.  so, in order to be part of this, i have to show what is in my makeup case. let's just say.. it didn't go over as easily as i thought it would...

my makeup case, as cute as it is, is never big enough! look! it spit out all my makeup on me!  it holds the necessities when heading out for the day. but that doesn't mean it has everything i use on a daily basis.  so... i started to pull out my makeup.. not realizing what would happen.
and this came about.  somehow my makeup case (maybe it was the little harajuku girls on it) that laid out the makeup so nicely. and they didn't even grab it all. i found more hiding in the drawers!

okay.. i swear it's not a problem.. or at least one that has a scientific name (that i can think of!).  but i love makeup. and no. all that stuff doesn't just sit there to look pretty. i use it all. not all of it in one day, let's be serious, but all of it has been used more that once. :)

and let me not forget the wonderful tools that help me apply all this wonderful stuff. some things, along with my makeup, deserve to be splurged on.  and my brushes are no exception! ... and yes... all of them are used, quite fairly between them all.

....okay, okay. *sigh* i'll admit it. i'm addicted to the stuff. but hey, i have fun. and that's what it's all about, right?  my makeup grows everyday, and new application tool somehow find a new home in my room all the time. but, with this love, there comes a price. quite literally, too.  it's an expensive hobby. so, with the biggest please and thank you, i would truly appreciate if you, as the reader, would vote for me here. thanks so much!!

until  next time

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  1. oman i love your makeup collection!!! Im so jealous!!