Saturday, March 26, 2011

what a long day!

so a couple of hours turned into 9.  yup. i spent 9 hours doing makeup on 5 girls, and then becoming a model myself. but i'm not complaining. :) .. though motrin would totally help my back and feet haha
 the photographer that got me into this project.. this is her daughter (^^^)  she wanted something funky, so i gave her it.  her pictures (that i will have soon!) looked awesome. oh, feel the angst. haha

but! this photo shoot was so much fun. the lady was telling me to get cards made so she can see if weddings would want help. i though, why not? and though i won't have the pictures for another couple days, i figured i'd post some from behind the scenes.

 my wonderful work station.  haha  i swear things were disappearing and then reappearing without me touching them! the whole table was taken up by my boxes and stuff. i came out of this verryyy colorful.
 and of course.. if i wasn't doing makeup... this is what you would find me doing... playing with boo. he's just so handsome!
and of course the clothes. and these aren't even a quarter of what they had.  there were clothes everywhere. but of course.. there was a dress that reminded me of gaga. and who got to where it? i did :)  when i modeled for them, i got to where it. have to admit it was fun.

but that was my day.  i got to experience a lot that i haven't yet, and can't wait to grow this creative side of me. so, when i get the actual pictures, i will post them up!
until then

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