Tuesday, March 22, 2011

so what's up, ky?

oh the things that have been going on! right now the family is in from all over the us. or at least they were.  the grandparents are the stragglers, staying for a few more days... or weeks.  who knows?  
other than that, my life has been on and off interesting.  february 17, 2011 i was in a car accident. some jack-an-ape ran a stop sign and nailed me.  it wasn't even a year that i had had my car. oh, jacob! feb. 23, 2010 i had totaled my first car, bf, by slipping on ice.  so not even a year later, here i am, standing in front of another crashed car.  the odd part? my two cars were hit in the same place!

Jacob hit 2-17-11

                              BF totaled 2-23-10

i think i have had enough accidents for the rest of my life, thank you! the good news is that jacob is all fixed up, and looking great.  the only problem now is the insurance. i have the claim that i still have to settle. but, of course, it couldn't be easy. what makes it so hard was that i got a concussion (again!).  so, here i sit, wondering what to do. i had to withdraw from my semester, but am going back this fall. but until then, i have to focus on me. :)  shouldn't be that hard, right?  but time flies, even when you are not doing anything.  
so, there should be no excuse for not going for a run, or not updating this at least a couple days a week.  it's just something i gotta do.

but that was just to get out why i can sit and finally put this blog up.  now to just put in a few requests for my cousin... hopefully she can help me get some of these buttons up and running. :P

in the next few days i want to get on paper what i want to do with this blog, and the days i want to make special for it.  but, bye until then!

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  1. Hello! I'm a huge fan of your cousin, and she pointed you out via twitter- so I'm following! Can't wait to see how your blog blooms, lady!

    Brianne Danae