Monday, March 21, 2011

better nate than lever

clever title, seeing as how it's a joke that my sister never fails to, well, fail to tell.  but i guess if there is anything i have learned in life, it's not to take it to seriously.  and on my journey of trying to really grasp that idea, have a bit more fun, and let go of the stress i seem to bring on myself, this blog is a creative outlet that i would love to share with people.  i may not have the most exciting life, but it's never boring, especially with the people i choose to grace with my presence. :P  and though the page itself is under construction, and will be greatly added to, i want to start with the posts.  no point in waiting.
my goal? there really is none. but if i can put a little color in someone's life, whether it be by making them laugh, or realize they are finding they like what i am passionate for, then so be it. it's a blog for makeup, random discussions, and a bit of old time fun. and that is where i leave it for now.

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